Growing pathways to protection for refugees and migrants

We are radically reforming the global system of safe and legal routes for displaced people around the world.

What We Do

Our world-class team works closely with leaders from across sectors in over 20 countries.

Together we design, launch, and expand safe and legal routes for displaced people, including those impacted by climate change.

Together we pilot bold new ideas aimed at making the entire global system of safe and legal routes bigger, better, and more sustainable.

Together we grow pathways.

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How We Do It

  • We build and lead powerful partnerships and networks.
  • We provide trusted advice.
  • We accelerate operational delivery.
  • We generate and share insights.
  • We inspire change.

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Featured Partnerships and Networks

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative is a unique multi-sectoral partnership that works to encourage and support community sponsorship programs around the world. We are a co-founder and leading partner in the GRSI.

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The Global Sponsorship Fund

The Global Sponsorship Fund is an innovative pooled fund developed by the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative aimed at incentivizing and supporting community welcomers around the world. We are co-leading the establishment of the GSF.

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Resettlement Diplomacy Network

The Resettlement Diplomacy Network is a high-level multilateral forum chaired by the government of the United States that aims to strengthen global pathways to protection. We co-lead the inaugural secretariat of the RDN.

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The Third Country Solutions Identification & Referral Network (TIRN)

The TIRN brings together NGOs from around the world with expertise in identifying and referring refugees and migrants who need protection pathways. We founded and co-chair the TIRN.

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Our Leadership Team

Our global team reflects our approach to partnership building. We are world-leading experts with backgrounds in government, civil society, philanthropy, law, and business. We are based in Canada, the US, and across Europe. We are bold, restless, and determined. And we are working together, and with dozens of close partners, to build a new global system of safe and legal routes.


Jennifer Bond

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Bond is a law professor, social entrepreneur, and leading expert on the political, policy and operational dimensions of the global refugee system and pathways to protection.

Giulio Di Blasi

Vice President, Global Partnerships

Giulio Di Blasi is a global leader on migration policy, governance, and diplomacy, with deep experience in government, politics, and humanitarian operations in Europe and around the world.

Ania Kwadrans

Principal Policy Advisor

Ania Kwadrans is a leading expert on policy and program design for community sponsorship and other protection pathways, with extensive experience advising governments, NGOs, and private sector partners.

Hannah Gregory

Global Director, Knowledge & Sponsorship

Hannah Gregory is an experienced and creative leader who has worked for two decades at the intersection of politics and public policy in support of refugees and migrants, including as a senior government official.

Nathan Benson

Director, Strategy

Nathan Benson combines expertise in law, public policy and strategy gained over two decades working in politics and government, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations.

Lukas Troetzer

Director, Europe

Lukas Troetzer is a strategist and social entrepreneur with deep experience working with leading philanthropies and nonprofits dedicated to transformative change, with a special focus on migrants and refugees.

Anna Campos

Global Director, Finance & Administration

Anna Campos has extensive expertise in nonprofit management and governance, with experience leading finance, HR, governance, and administrative functions for national and global NGOs.


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What is it like to work with us?
Hear it in the words of those we work with:

“For the past seven years, I have been privileged to work with the Refugee Hub to promote Community Sponsorship across the planet.  I am excited to continue and expand this important work with Pathways International, hopefully for many years into the future!”

— Ed Shapiro, Managing Trustee, The Shapiro Foundation

“Refugee Hub were invaluable collaborators in designing, implementing, and making a success of the UK’s community based approach to hosting Ukrainians across the country.  I have experienced them as a great organisation who make a genuine and sustained positive difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people.”

— Paul Morrison CBE, Former Director Homes for Ukraine

“My work with the Refugee Hub has been a harmonious blend of collaboration and innovation. I've had the privilege of contributing to the development of their fellowship program, a vital initiative that empowers refugee leaders to enhance their careers and influence within the global refugee response system.”

— Mustafa Alio, Co-Managing Director, R-SEAT

“Our close collaboration with the Refugee Hub since 2018 has fuelled our vision and passion for establishing and scaling community sponsorship and other complementary pathways in Australia. They have been great partners, and their support for our policy and program development work has been invaluable.”

— Lisa Button, CEO, Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia

“In the US context, 100% quality work! Without them the programme would not exist. We have a lot of gratitude.”

— Key stakeholder interviewee (anonymous) as part of an independent evaluation

“Working with the Pathways International team was truly the game changer here in Argentina in our work to establish and strengthen our community sponsorship program. They helped us develop and implement the solutions we needed, provided training, mentoring and so much more. We will always be grateful to the entire team!”

— Carolina Mussi, General Coordinator, Fundación Amal Argentina

“Pathways International brings an understanding of pathways from the local to the global – sharing insights and fostering a sense of community across organisations working to welcome refugees. With displacement at record levels and growing, including due to climate change, their work to increase and broaden safe pathways feels more important than ever.”

— Susannah Baker MBE, Refugee and Asylum Director The Pickwell Foundation and Co-Chair Community Sponsorship Alliance UK